About Us


Life is short and so very precious. What could be more respectful than honoring someone's final request,
what ever that may be. There are many options when it comes to Funerals and Burials, and
Natural Burial is one of them. As Virginia's first natural Burial Ground, certified by the Green Burial Council
and the Commonwealth of Virginia, we offer only 100% Eco-friendly burials.
Duck Run Natural Cemetery is committed to doing no harm to the environment when burials take place.
 All burials will be respectful and dignified for our families, and Eco-friendly for Mother Earth.
While there are many well groomed Cemeteries that look very nice, they all look like Cemeteries.
At Duck Run Natural Cemetery, we subscribe to the Total Land Restoration concept.
All of the plantings will be Virginia indigenous plants and will be planted
so they may mature as they would in nature.
 With fewer lots per acre, this will allow for walking trails to admire different natural settings.
 In short, Duck Run Natural Cemetery will look more like a natural park than a cemetery, giving many plants and animals habitat.