Green Burial In Virginia’s 100% Natural Cemetery Offers A Different Kind Of Peace.

You have many options when it comes to final resting places. In the death care industry since the 1970s, Kenny Kyger and Glenn Jennelle noticed an interest in simple, dignified burials without the preservation aspect that some prefer. Kenny and Glenn imagined a cemetery that returned burials to the original idea of ashes to ashes and dust to dust in an organic process. They have created Duck Run Natural Cemetery to meet this need. Part of a 113-acre former dairy farm, the cemetery is dedicated to 100% green burials and offers cemetery lot options and scattering gardens for cremains.

Quiet Dignity In A Sustainable Burial Solution.

Green burial requirements remove vaults and non-biodegradable materials from the burial. The goal is to minimize the impact to the environment and land by allowing the body to decompose naturally in a protected, natural setting. Natural woods such as wicker, pine, and bamboo are used for caskets and body shrouds are acceptable. All materials must be non-toxic and biodegradable, including any embalming fluids used to preserve the body for a viewing or memorial. The pristine natural setting and reverence of the burial offers as much respect, dignity and compassion as there is in any other type of burial option. 

Green Burial Council Certification Ensures High Standards For Eco-Friendly Burials.

As Virginia’s first natural burial ground, we are certified by the Green Burial Council and the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer eco-friendly burials in 100% of the cemetery. An irrevocable trust fund provides for maintenance, and assures that money will always be appropriated to take care of the cemetery and committal shelter. Our mission for Duck Run Natural Cemetery is to provide a pristine natural place for green burials. We are not exclusive and people from all states may seek interment here. We support requirements and rites from all religions and faith traditions.

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