We Designed Our Natural Cemetery Committal Shelter To Invoke Strength And Comfort.

Our committal shelter offers year-round coverage for ceremonies to accompany green burial at Duck Run Natural Cemetery. We designed the committal shelter to invoke the strength of stone and the peace of our natural setting. The natural stone columns anchoring the shelter are solid all the way through, lending a timeless feeling to the structure. The open air design allows for the presence of nature and the seasons to be part of the ceremony. Views of Massanutten Peak, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Allegheny Mountains frame the cemetery, and provide landmarks to the orientation of the cemetery and burial sites.

Complement A Green Burial With An On-Site Ceremony.

Planning to honor the deceased often includes a ceremony. When a graveside service is best complemented with a separate ceremony or a service is desired in addition to or in lieu of a graveside service, our committal shelter provides an ideal space. Open year round for ceremonies, we request 24-hour notice for use. In the spirit of green burial, our shelter is open air to connect the service to the landscape. 

Include A Ceremony With Scattering Of Cremains.

If you are scattering cremains in one of our scattering gardens or burying cremains in a cremation lot, a service in the committal shelter offers a place for the gathering of family and friends to commemorate the deceased.

Our Committal Shelter Is Accessible For All Guests.

Graded to smoothly transition from the parking area to the committal shelter, there is not a single step to climb. Our open air shelter affords people requiring mobility devices and assistance the ability to easily participate. We have a smooth concrete walkway into the shelter and wide entry points from the parking area and leading out to the gravesites. Family and friends are able to pay their final respects to their loved one regardless of physical constraint. 

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