Our Cemetery Mission Is To Assist In Dignified Natural Burials As We Protect The Earth.

We believe in honoring life and land with dignified green burials. Duck Run Natural Cemetery is committed to doing no harm to the environment when burials take place. Our requirements stipulate no toxins or non-biodegradable materials are used during the burial or on top of the grave. We offer memorial grave markers from native fieldstones and families may purchase native Virginia flowers and plants to contribute in memoriam to the master plan of the cemetery, in which we may guide them as to where they may be planted.

Participate In The Green Burial For A Sense Of Closure And Connection To The Earth.

We welcome you to a place that provides natural beauty to family and friends while honoring the deceased in a dignified and sustainable way. As immediate and pre-arrangements are made, there are a series of decisions to make. Families work with funeral homes to organize the transport, ceremony, and burial. Some may plan to participate in the final act of covering the grave. We understand that there are as many unique ways to honor an individual as there are individuals. Our culturally responsive staff is available to recommend resources and to work with you for the cemetery parameters that support cultural and religious rites and rituals.

Biologists Curated The Cemetery’s Virginia Native Grasses And Plants.

To complement the 100% natural burial and align with our green burial goals to minimize our impact on the earth, we utilize a natural land restoration approach to flora and fauna. We brought in local biologists to determine how to best restore Virginia native plant life and wildlife on the former dairy farm. We host turtles and fish in the 1.5-acre pond, and have ducks and house bees on the property. New flower seeds are planted yearly in our scattering gardens. The pristine natural setting enhances the peaceful calm of the cemetery while providing an ideal protection for green burials.

Celebrate Life Year-Round In Our Accessible Committal Shelter.

Our committal shelter features the stoic strength of stone for protection from the elements as loved ones may gather to celebrate life. The shelter is accessible and available year round for ceremonies.

To Be Part Of Our Mission, Contact Duck Run Natural Cemetery Today At (540) 432-8650.

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