Duck Run Natural Cemetery Rules

We invite you to our pristine natural cemetery to celebrate life and find peace in nature. Our rules maintain the quiet order of the grounds and preserve the integrity of a final resting place.

  • The cemetery is open to visitors from dawn until dusk, year round.
  • Interment takes place between 10am and 3pm daily, except on December 25th.
  • If for any reason the interment cannot be scheduled during the regular time period, prior arrangements must be made with the cemetery.
  • No interments are held on December 25th.
  • The fishing pond is stocked for your enjoyment, and fishing is catch and release.
  • The committal shelter is to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance in order to maximize the usage.
  • All inquiries should be directed to the cemetery general manager, including those regarding the cemetery and those buried or whose cremains are here.

Green Burial Regulations

Duck Run Natural Cemetery is an exclusive Green Burial Cemetery. Our practices and policies conform to the guidelines set forth by the Green Burial Council, who regulates Green Burial Standards for Natural Cemeteries in the United States.

  • Due to Virginia Laws and accountabilities, burials must be coordinated through a licensed funeral home.
  • Caskets and shrouds must be made from naturally biodegradable materials approved by the GBC.
  • Caskets, if used, must be made of pine, bamboo, wicker, soft woods, or of other renewable sources.
  • Hardwood caskets, metal caskets, or caskets that have been stained or finished will not be permitted, nor will burial vaults.
  • A fabric burial shroud may be used providing it has been made of naturally biodegradable materials.
  • Non-organic materials, such as metal, plastic, concrete, or synthetic materials are not permitted to be buried or placed in the Cemetery. The Cemetery may, at its discretion, allow personal jewelry.
  • Toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde are not allowed.
  • Embalmed bodies must use a GBC approved fluid, such as Enigma by the Champion Company.
  • Duck Run Natural Cemetery offers Cremation Spaces and Scattering Gardens for families who choose Cremation for their final disposition.
  • All cemetery charges and fees are to be paid in full before an interment can be made.
  • All necessary interment forms are to be signed by the next of kin or an authorized agent prior to any interment.
  • The cemetery relies on the next of kin or an authorized agent to identify the remains of the deceased.
  • A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for preparing a grave for interment.
  • Next of kin or an authorized agent may request interment.
  • Plastic flowers arrangements, vases, photographs, manmade or manufactured items may not be left on a gravesite or cemetery property.
  • Natural or biodegradable items may be placed on the grave. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove such items as they become unsightly.

For Inquiries About Natural Burial Rules And Regulations, Contact Us Today At (540) 432-8650.

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