Sustainable Green Burial Lots Provide The Peace And Beauty In Perpetuity.

Duck Run Natural Cemetery provides a pristine natural landscape for your final resting place. Our cemetery grounds are protected by an irrevocable trust for eternal assurance that our land will remain a natural cemetery in perpetuity. Your Right to Internment is protected in both the trust and the deed for the cemetery. Our deep history in death care has guided our decisions to make the most secure and sustainable arrangements for Duck Run Natural Cemetery.

Gracefully Return To The Land With Natural Shrouds And Caskets.

Our green burial lots are subject to cemetery requirements which include using only biodegradable and non-toxic materials. We line the graves with cedar branches upon which the shrouded or casketed deceased are placed. Family and loved ones may participate in covering the grave. Duck Run does not use vaults, so there is a natural settling of the earth once the burial has taken place. We offer customized fieldstones as markers for graves. We welcome family and loved ones to honor the deceased with the contribution of a native Virginia plant or flower for use in the master cemetery plan. 

Keep Family Together In Peace With Perpetually Trusted Lots Next To Each Other.

Come visit Duck Run Natural Cemetery to get a feel for the beauty and serenity of the place. For a family wishing to remain together in passing as in life, perpetual lots may be purchased next to each other. Enjoy the peace of knowing your family will return to the earth in a beautiful protected natural cemetery, side by side.

Visit Duck Run For Memorial Walks, To Fish With Loved Ones, Or To Pay Your Respects In A Spiritually Uplifting Setting.

Open from dawn until dusk daily, Duck Run Natural Cemetery welcomes family visits to their loved one’s gravesite. Relax and take in the pristine natural environment that provides eternal sanctuary for your loved one.

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