Green Burial Grave Maintenance Invites Future Generations To Pristine Grounds.

We maintain mowed walkways around cemetery lots and scattering gardens to provide a meditative flow through the cemetery. We bury only 100% biodegradable and non-toxic materials, and we do not use vaults. Our natural land restoration approach aims to promote environmental health and sustainable burial practices. We are the first 100% natural cemetery in Virginia and among the first to offer renewable lots. In the coming years our initial 8 acres will look more like an arboretum than a cemetery.

Notice Subtle Rises In The Ground With Natural Mounding To Accommodate For Burials Without Vaults.

In order to preserve the natural return to earth, we do not allow vaults. We mound the dirt over the casket or shrouded body, allowing the soil to settle naturally. We pay close attention to our gravesites and fill in soil as needed to balance the natural compaction of the earth over an occupied site. Nature takes care of the decomposition process and we maintain the landscape above to offer peace and inspiration to the living. We mow over flat, native fieldstone memorial grave markers. We also mow and maintain walkways around the gravesites for accessibility. 

Virginia Native Flowers Populate Our Scattering Gardens With New Flowers Planted Each Year.

We believe in the restorative power of natural beauty. Our pastoral landscape blends rolling hills with native Virginia flowers and grasses. We plant new flowers each year in the scattering gardens. Families and loved ones may purchase native Virginia flowers and plants to contribute to the master plan of the cemetery. Natural land restoration aligns with green burial council certification requirements.

Find Your Family: We Maintain A Complete List Of Those Interred Through Burial And Cremation.

Our cemetery office maintains a complete list of those interred through green burial and cremation. Our cemetery map shows the location of individuals interred in Duck Run Natural Cemetery. This record exists in perpetuity and is available to support research in locating ancestors.

For Green Burial Grave Maintenance At Duck Run Natural Cemetery, Contact Us Today At (540) 432-8650.

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