Green Burial Arrangements Provide Peace Of Mind In A Trying Time.

For assistance with immediate arrangements, we are available at your convenience, to support interment. If you are advance planning, making pre-arrangements begins with contacting us. We invite you to visit between dawn and dusk to get a sense of the peace and beauty that defines our natural cemetery. Walk the trails. Fish with loved ones at our 1.5 acre stocked catch and release pond. Enjoy the bucolic serenity of the grounds. Our committed staff is available to meet you on site for a tour of the natural cemetery and to answer any questions you may have.

Participate As You Wish In Committal Services.

Committal services can take place at the graveside or in our committal shelter, which provides accessibility and cover from weather conditions. As part of the interment, the gravesite is open without disguise or interference from artificial turf. With the professional coordination of our cemetery personnel, family members may choose to participate in the closing of the grave. Loved ones may purchase a Virginia native plant to contribute to the master cemetery design in remembrance. For demarcation and commemoration, we offer memorial markers that can be used to mark a grave or to be placed in the memorial walkway; they are cut from native fieldstone.

Arrange For A True Return To The Earth With Certified Green Burial.

Only biodegradable and non-toxic materials are used, such as organic embalming chemicals and caskets made from renewable woods with no finishes, no metals, and no varnish or paints. Graves are lined with cedar branches and all shrouds or casket materials are biodegradable and non-toxic. Your funeral home works with Duck Run Natural Cemetery rules and regulations to procure the shroud or casket of your choice. All materials must be 100% biodegradable.

Know The Regulations Of Green Burial For Mortuary Service Providers.

When you make arrangements for green burial at Duck Run Natural Cemetery, we provide you with the regulatory practices for our cemetery. Your mortuary service provider can make embalming choices based on the requirements for green burial to keep to your loved ones wish for a natural resting place.

For Green Burial Arrangements At Duck Run Natural Cemetery, Contact Us Today At (540) 432-8650.

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