Plan A Natural Burial At Duck Run Cemetery With Funeral Home Support.

We work with your funeral home director and mortuary specialists to ensure natural burial procedures are followed. Funeral directors handle the legal and practical aspects. Natural burial requires special attention to the embalming fluids, if used, which can affect the type of service a family may choose to have, such as a public visitation with an open casket, prior to interment. We provide guidance to funeral homes for a seamless transition to a green burial.

Funeral Directors Work With You To Carry Out Final Wishes With Dignity And Grace.

Some families prefer to manage the burial process themselves. Coordinating with a funeral home of your choice allows for those who intend to prepare, transport, and inter the deceased with a green burial, to ensure all practices are in adherence to laws and regulations. Transporting the deceased across state lines may require permits depending on the states involved. We do not provide the services of a funeral director. You may choose from any funeral home to coordinate the green burial at Duck Run Natural Cemetery. We are available to advise acceptable embalming fluids, caskets, shrouds and green burial procedures.

Green Burial Mortuary Guidelines Promote Natural Decomposition.

Duck Run Natural Cemetery is Green Burial Council Certified, linking us to a network of safe and ethical burial practices that promote legitimate environmental and societal aims. Our rules and regulations specify the guidelines for green burial at Duck Run Natural Cemetery. All products must be non-toxic and biodegradable. Jewelry is considered on a case by case basis.

Services Held In Our Committal Shelter Capture The Peace And Beauty Of Our Natural Cemetery.

Virginia’s 100% natural cemetery, Duck Run Natural Cemetery is open to all for interment. Our cemetery offers views of three mountain ranges, rolling hills with well-maintained walking trails, a 1.5-acre pond, and boundless views of the sky above. Our committal shelter offers an accessible place on-site to honor your loved one’s life as part of the green burial service. Burials take place year round, except for Christmas day. 

For Natural Burial Arrangements At Duck Run Natural Cemetery, Contact Us Today At (540) 432-8650.

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