Native Fieldstone Grave Markers Complement Green Burial Practices At Duck Run Natural Cemetery.

Green burial practices promote environmental restoration while removing barriers between humans and nature. We offer memorial stones in various shapes and sizes, which are indigenous to the area. The fieldstone can be placed on the gravesite as a traditional grave marker or within a memorial walkway. You can personally pick from an array of stone shapes and sizes as no two are alike.

Memorial Grave Markers Are Available For Scattering Cremains And Green Burial.

We have woven walking trails through the cemetery to aid family and friends in enjoying the pastoral setting as they gather at their loved one’s final resting place. We offer memorial grave markers for burial sites or to be placed in our memorial walkways in perpetual remembrance. Those with cremains scattered or buried at Duck Run Natural Cemetery are welcome to purchase a memorial stone to be placed in the walkway in order to provide a marker for family pilgrimages. Memorial grave markers on renewable lots will be moved to the memorial walkway upon satisfaction of the 75-year lease term.

Biodegradable Items May Commemorate Your Loved One In The Cemetery.

Natural or biodegradable items may be placed on the grave. The cemetery reserves the right to remove such items as they become unsightly. In order to preserve the natural aesthetic and green burial goals of land restoration, all commemorations must adhere to our requirements. Items such as plastic flowers arrangements, vases, photographs, and manmade or manufactured items may not be left on a gravesite or cemetery property. 

Enjoy The Uninterrupted Landscape.

When you visit Duck Run Natural Cemetery you notice the rolling hills and the hues of the season in the Virginia native plants. Memorial grave markers lie unobtrusively on the ground, quietly marking the site. Take in the beauty of the grounds without the traditional look of a cemetery.

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