Native Fieldstones Provide A Traditional Cemetery Grave Maker For Natural Burials.

Our cemetery organizes traditional lots and renewable lots into sections that have ample room for walking trails, scattering gardens, and natural features of the land. As per tradition, grave sites are marked with a stone. To preserve the goals of natural land restoration, inscribed native fieldstones serve as grave markers. Families and loved ones may purchase native flowers and plants to contribute to the beauty of the cemetery aesthetic in alignment with the cemetery master plan.

Environmentally Sustainable, Native Fieldstone Markers Make Minimal Impact On The Earth.

Culturally, we are seeing a shift toward more sustainable uses of land and natural resources. A central aim of green burial is to reduce our carbon footprint at the end of life. In keeping with environmentally restorative and sustainable practices, our requirements exclude the use of granite, bronze, and marble for the grave markers. All stones used as grave markers in Duck Run Natural Cemetery are native to the area. We offer a selection of stones for you to choose from when making the decision of how to commemorate you or your loved one’s passing. Once the stone is chosen, we have the stone inscribed by a local engraver.

Grave Markers On Renewable Lots Retire In Perpetuity To A Memorial Walkway.

For our most sustainable burial solution, the 75-year renewable lots, we offer the deceased a memorial inscribed with their name and life dates on a native fieldstone placed at the gravesite. Upon satisfaction of the lease term, the memorial grave marker is retired in perpetuity to a memorial walkway. All stones lay flush with the ground and our grave maintenance includes maintaining the position of the marker.

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