No. All cemetery lots guarantee the perpetual Right to Interment, but we do offer two types of lots: traditional and 75-year term renewable.

Yes. The memorial grave markers are pressed into the earth to lie flush with the ground. In the cemetery office we keep meticulous records of each and every cemetery lot. For renewable lots, the marker will retire to a memorial walkway at the end of the lease term. We keep in perpetuity records of the interment site and the marker location.

Yes. We take great care with each burial to honor the final wishes of the deceased and to provide solace to the family. People report feeling uplifted and peaceful at the ceremonies that have already been held at Duck Run Natural Cemetery.

On average, the total cost of the burial tends to be less than a conventional burial due to less preservation gear such as vaults and impermeable caskets.

Yes. We are happy to show you available lots for you to select from.

Absolutely. We can certainly assist you in selecting groups of cemetery lots.

Yes. We currently have dedicated 8 acres to the cemetery and will expand to the full 113 acres as needed.

No toxic chemicals are allowed; however, we can provide your mortuary service provider with the requirements of green burial.

Either paid in full at the time of death or we can set up a payment plan for preneed.

Like in conventional cemeteries, with pre-purchasing you get the lot you want at a price that reflects today’s rates rather than those in the future. You can also avoid emotional overspending at the final moment.

We recommend Champion’s Enigma embalming fluid, a biodegradable chemical, certified by the Green Burial Council, that breaks down in 7 days and so you can have the viewing and still have a green burial.

No, we do not have a service council or coordinator at the cemetery. We are happy to connect you to local resources.

Once the body arrives at Duck Run Natural Cemetery, we have a wooden cart, made for the cemetery’s terrain, that provides smooth transport for the deceased to the committal shelter for a service or right to the site for burial.

As little or as much as they want to be involved, they can be. Families may do the cleansing and wrapping of the deceased in a shroud, and may transport the body to the cemetery. Preparation and transport may also be coordinated with your funeral service provider. Families often wish to participate in the actual burial, shoveling earth into the grave. The choices and level of participation belong to the families.

No. All the regulations from the green burial council are in the deed of the cemetery in perpetuity. If the cemetery was to be purchased by an outside party, it must still be maintained as a natural cemetery due to an absolute designation for burial in an irrevocable trust.

No, not at this time.  The future plan for the cemetery is for it to eventually take shape as an arboretum.  In order for this to be possible, all spaces must be occupied. The reasons behind this is due to the natural and continual settling of the grave and the chance that the root system of anything planted could be compromised due to the digging of a nearby plot.  We do however offer a generous amount of land outside the grave spaces for memorial planting to occur and would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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